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Custom Charset

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You can define your own Character Set for the Brute-Force Attack. Click the "Define Custom Charset" button at the "Brute-Force" tab. The following Dialog will appear:




You can enter the Custom charset either in text and HEX format. In HEX format the Unicode symbols must be separated by Spaces. You can Load, Save, Clear and Add Charset by pressing the corresponding buttons. After entering the Charset AOPR checks for duplicate characters and removes them automatically.


The following charsets are included in AOPR distribution:


Arabic (all Arabic symbols according to Unicode standard)


Czech (splitted to caps and small letters)

French (splitted to caps and small letters)

German (splitted to caps and small letters)

Greek (all symbols according to Unicode standard)

Greek (letters only)


Japanese (Katakana)

Japanese (Hiragana)

Korean (Hangul Jamo)

Russian (Cyrillic)


If the "Additional charsets" option was selected in installation, these charsets are placed in the "\charsets" directory.

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