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Our product catalog details the key offerings for desktop, mobile, and cloud forensics. Our solutions have been tailored to fit your goals and objectives perfectly. You can add your contacts to our product catalog and use it in business meetings and negotiations with your customers.

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Marketing Booklets

Complement your business by using these bright booklets describing our solutions and offers in a concise manner suitable for any conference or business meeting.

Elcomsoft Desktop, Mobile & Cloud Forensics booklet (web)

Elcomsoft Desktop, Mobile & Cloud Forensics booklet (print, 12 Mb)

Flyers and Leaflets

Try our leaflets reflecting the key competitive advantages in our software bundles and client’s benefits. These handouts can be used in a variety of contexts, be it a business meeting or a trade show. The leaflets can greatly help in understanding of the possibilities of our solutions and contribute to a hassle-free order closure.

Elcomsoft Desktop Forensic Bundle

Elcomsoft Mobile Forensic Bundle

Elcomsoft Premium Forensic Bundle

White Papers

Our White Papers explain how our products help in solving complex technical problems in gaining access to password protected or encrypted documents, disks or databases. Find out which products are appropriate in which situations.

«Secure Password Managers» and «Military-Grade Encryption» on Smartphones: Oh, Really?

An effective approach to restoring system access in Windows.

Advantages and disadvantages of EFS and effective recovery of encrypted data

Unlocking PDF Files

Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery vs Hashcat (comparisons)


Here you can find most of our recent presentations and talks at various conferences and business forums, including videos and slides in PDF. For each meeting with our partners and customers all over the world, we prepare an overview of the most interesting researches and developments of our company.

Cloud Forensics: Extracting Evidence from Apple and Google Accounts

23 April, 2020

Data acquisition from iOS devices. New approaches and possibilities.

5 March, 2020

Health and Activity Evidence.

29 January, 2020

The iPhone's Forensic Workflow: The Steps to Access Critical Evidence.

6 November, 2019

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We have some very helpful visual materials, ready to use in digital or printed out for your workspace. The infographics simplifies the communication of technically complex things and helps to spread the valuable knowledge nuggets in a visually attractive manner.

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