New version of Elcomsoft Phone Password Breaker is now available

New version of Elcomsoft Phone Password Breaker has been released. Now it supports GPU acceleration on latest AMD video cards (R7 and R9 series), and contains several fixes and improvements:

  • if the URL to some data chunk cannot be resolved for some reason, it is now skipped, and the rest of the data is still being downloaded;
  • fixed: downloading backups to mapped folders on virtual machines such as Parallels and VMWare Fusion;
  • iOS version is now correctly shown for all (local) backups;
  • on Vista and Windows 7 systems, folder selection dialog has been changed/improved;
  • the icons for new devices (iPad Air, iPad Mini with Retina display, iPhone 5C) are now properly shown for available iCloud backups (and if we cannot detect the device color, it is shown in black);
  • non-English device names are now properly shown (using UNICODE);
  •* path has been added to Safari category;
  • fixed: downloading iCloud backups into the same folder with and without selecting 'Restore file names' option.

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